Welcome to SV

Here you can find all the files from MIT-AI and elsewhere that I've collected, read the ddt manual, browse the old jokes, or log in and try it out.

SV is running ITS on a KLH10 -- an emulated KS10 written in C and being executed by a virtual server running Ubuntu Linux. It is a bit faster than a real KS10 unless other Unix processes take too many cycles away from the emulator. SV is open to the public; if your old password from AI doesn't work, send me an email and I'll try to fix it. (If you never had a password at AI, just fill out the online application.)

Mostly for my own edification, I've hacked some small programs (including the web server showing you this page). I also have some mods to ITS and its tools here, so far there's the ITS Y2k patch, and NETIME with TCP support.

Another ITS system on the internet is UP.

The SV ITS system is available without any warranties implied or expressed, and may be made unavailable at any time without notice. Read the system news file to keep you informed of the latest changes, and keep your important data backed up elsewhere.

If you're not sure what you would like to hack here, I've put up a list of ideas. Feel free to add your own projects to the file.

Please send any questions, problems, fixes, job offers, or licorice to paul-its@svensson.org.